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One of the most common kinds of websites that you find today is online stores. With the growing market of e-commerce, everyone seems to be taking advantage of the fact that people are willing and able to spend money on products sold through the Internet. However, among the thousands of stores there are, a few stand out. Why? The answer can be given in one word – design. Think of a physical store. If your store is shabby from the outside, or not built using good quality building material, will a customer feel like buying from your store? No. The same principle applies to an online store.

This is why we provide to you cost-effective solutions for a good online store design. We design websites through open source designing at very reasonable prices.

osCommerce is an e-commerce and online-store management software program. It provides tools for the building and designing of an online store.

What do we do at AFYCon?

We use these tools to completely transform the basic design provided by osCommerce. We customize the design and change it so as to make a stunning website.  We handle the three main points that are needed for a new website to be successful:

Design: Our experts are professionals and experienced in the field and will make the website look exactly as you want it, in fact even better. We incorporate all that you want (a specific colour, a particular font) and all that you need (easily visible discounts tickr tape, for example).

Publicity and visibility: We integrate your Facebook, Twitter or other social networking accounts with the website for better publicity. We also take care of indexing of your website by search engines like Google.

Smooth functioning: Once you have captured the customer’s attention by a good design, you need to make them stay by the smooth functioning of your store. We ensure there are no loopholes in the design of the process and that everything, from the first preview of the products to the thank-you message after the checkout is absolutely perfect.

We believe a thing as small as a budget shouldn’t come in the way of a brilliant website; hence we help you achieve the website of your dreams.

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