Online Reputation Management

Reputation is everything

What people say about you can either turn your business into a success or it can do significant harm. Our online reputation team can help with:

Promoting positive mentions and a positive company image

Eliminating or concealing the threat of negative mentions

Keeping a watchful eye on your online reputation and taking action when needed>

How We Can Help

When people have good things to say about you it will always have a positive effect on your business. Good old fashioned word of mouth can bring you new leads and strengthened customer loyalty. However, in the same way that a few kind words can work wonders, negative comments can cause a lot of damage. There have been many cases where businesses have been ruined by bad mouthing and unfortunately word spreads quickly. Which is why online reputation management is one of the key marketing strategies to keep your business afloat.

Afycon’s online reputation management team are well-versed in dealing with positive and negative comments and with a wealth of tools and techniques at their disposal they can quickly smooth over the cracks caused by criticism. They’re also very good at making sure everyone hears about the good things people have to say about you.


Your website is the best place to start when it comes to building a positive reputation. We can help create content that showcases success stories, news, features and awards – all good elements to help you become a trusted name.  can also produce a blog or newsletter for a personal touch that will have your customers returning again and again.


Social Media has become an integral part of consumer culture and is a perfect way of building your online reputation. By building relationships with existing customers and gaining new ones through short and long-term campaigns, we can help you to establish yourself as a brand that can be trusted.


Pay per click is a powerful resource for driving traffic to new landing pages and a great way to help build a solid reputation. We’ll research the perfect keywords that will get consumers clicking through and we’ll continue to monitor and refine your keywords in order to increase exposure and reduce cost.


As we manage your online reputation, we’ll produce progress reports and analyses of your company’s performance. The reports will show what we’ve done to boost your reputation and how we’ve responded in the case of criticism. You’ll be able to measure your online presence and remain assured that your reputation is in safe hands.

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