Mobile Website Developmet

Mobile Website Development.

Internet access is becoming predominantly mobile. Make sure your business doesn’t get left behind by trying our mobile website solutions.

  • Responsive websites that cleverly adapt to individual mobile devices without losing quality
  • User-friendly interfaces designed specifically to get the most out of mobile technology
  • Stand-alone mobile sites for those who wish to keep their original website
The Mobile Revolution

Everyone is doing, so why aren’t you? Incorporating mobile technology into your online presence will revolutionize your business. Here ‘s how.

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Mobilizing your Business5

More and more people are using their mobile devices to shop for products & services, to interact and socialize. Mobile internet is instantly accessible meaning we can use it in the street, at a restaurant, at home, at work – wherever we choose to. Old websites do not convert well to modern mobile devices, so if your business hasn’t gone mobile, your customers could be moving onto a competitor that has.

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Responsive Websites

As mobile internet use surpasses desktop access, Google has advised a responsive approach to website development. This ingenious technique allows one website to be viewed from any mobile or desktop device by having the various elements ‘slide’ to fit the screen. So no matter if your site is being viewed from a laptop, pc, smart phone or tablet it will retain all of its main features and retain brand identity.

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Advantages of Responsive Websites

There are many befits to a responsive website. It saves on development time, is cost effective &because you retain just one URL, it means your website is easy to link to & find - which is good news for SEO purposes as there is only one website that search engines have to crawl. A responsive website is also much easier on the eye when viewed from a mobile device as it reduces the need to scroll, zoom & pan.

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Stand-alone Websites

If you prefer to retain your original website, we offer the option to develop a stand-alone website that utilizes your existing domain namee.g. using the look and feel of your original site, we’ll build an optimized mobile version that removes the need to scroll, zoom & pan, keeps in line with your brand identity and gives your mobile users an engaging and interactive experience.

Future-Proof Your Business With Our Mobile Website Solutions

Our mobile solutions use the latest software and technology to create dynamic, fully optimized websites that will ensure your business isn’t losing out on valuable custom. Whether you choose our responsive web development package or prefer a stand-alone mobile website, we’ll create a look and feel that improves your conversion rate, multiplies your ROI and gives your visitors and customers a smooth and enjoyable experience.

From ecommerce stores to corporate services, our mobile website developments will enhance your business and bring it up to date with the latest mobile trends and techniques.

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