HTML 5 Development

HTML 5 Development

HTML is the programming language that forms the basis of all internet software development. If you need to get your business online, you need HTML 5

  • Cross platform coding compatible with all internet browsers and internet-enabled devices.
  • Development of websites, plugins, games, applications and much more
  • Supportive of web-based media content including audio, video and animation
Advantages of HTML 5

Because of its universal capabilities, HTML 5 will help to make your website viewable from any platform, which means your clients and potential customers can access your services and products from any mobile or non-mobile device. With its ability to support sophisticated User Interfaces and the latest high-definition content, your visitors are guaranteed a rich and interactive experience that will lead to higher conversion rates. Add to that large storage capacities, server support, geo-location capabilities and the potential to create any plug-in or application you can think of and you’ll have one of the internet’s most powerful tools at your disposal.

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HTML 5 Solutions &Services

The scope of what can be done with HTML 5 is huge and our solutions aim to maximize its potential. Based upon your specific business needs, we can create beautiful, fast loading and engaging websites that incorporate user-centric interfaces and the latest in high-definition content. We can develop practical plugins, fun games and useful applications to aid in the daily running of your online business. In order to ensure full cross-platform capabilities, we also offer a full migration service from both Flash and Silverlight to HTML5. And that’s just scratching the surface. Use our contact page to find out what we can do to enhance your business while saving you money.

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Going Mobile

With mobile internet use beginning to surpass desktop access, it’s important that your online presence reflects this inevitable change. Our HTML 5 solutions include full and engaging mobile application development that will allow clients and visitors to access your services without losing content or quality. We also develop a range of HTML 5 mobile apps in the form of engaging tools, games and utilities that will have your customers returning again and again.

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Our HTML 5 Team

The internet is constantly evolving. To be the best at what we do, we need to ensure that we’re up to date with the latest developments. Our HTML 5 developers continually strive to improve their technical knowledge and skills through learning and practical application. It’s what makes them so brilliant and it means that no matter how complex the project you’re about to throw at them, they’ll handle it with the confidence and expertise of true professionals.

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Develop Your Online Presence with HTML 5

HTML 5 combines the power of HTML, CSS and Javascript and is the ‘go to’ code to create visually striking and high functioning web content. There are many benefits of HTML 5 and it offers a wide range of programming possibilities.

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