ERP Development

Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) division can help turn the chaos of an expanding company into well-organized management systems.

  • Manage large amounts of company information via sophisticated yet easy-to-use systems.
  • Integrate accessible IT processes, tools and tasks across any company division or department.
  • Accurate and secure data management systems in finance, sales, manufacturing and more.

How Your Business Can Benefit From ERP

By integrating our ERP solutions into your business, you’ll quickly see positive changes in your system and support infrastructure.

What ERP Does

ERP will ensure the smooth running of your business via integrated IT systems which allow you to manage large amounts of company data both internally &externally. With real-time processing, high speeds & strong security, you’ll be able to manage and perform a huge range of tasks across the board.

How ERP Can Be Used

ERP can implement IT processes in all business departments & divisions including: Staff Management, Project Management, Production planning, Accounts & Bookkeeping, Sales Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Stock & Inventory Management, Supply-chain Management.

Integrating ERP

With a focus on improved integration and flexibility, we apply XML, Web Services and other common integration factors to our ERP solutions, allowing them to fit seamlessly into your company’s system. This is especially beneficial if you are using integrated applications from a range of vendors.

ERP Online

A new generation of online business has led to a growing need for internet enabling ERP solutions. Our systems cater for a broad range of instant-access integrated services including Business Intelligence, e-Procurement, supply chain management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Why ERP Solutions Will Make Your Business a Success

As a company becomes more successful, it invariably expands. Employee numbers grow, the amount of stock/services you produce grows, as does your customer base. New departments and divisions are created and not necessarily in the same city or country. Suddenly, there is an overwhelming amount of data that needs to be managed to keep your business in order.

Our highly adaptable and professional ERP solutions can help manage your company by creating a well-organized, fully functioning infrastructure. By integrating the most accurate and appropriate applications for your needs, we’ll ensure your business is a smooth-running success that serves its staff and customers at an optimized level and continues to expand while maintaining strong stability.

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